3 & Free Program


Javita is changinf lives everywhere, one cup at a time by providing coffee infused with beneficial, healthy herbs to give you more from your daily cup. You’ll feel the difference and taste the difference Javita coffee will have on your life!

Promoting our one-of-a-kind coffee has additional rewards: including the opportunity for both Javita Members and Preferred Customers to receive their product for FREE, month-after-month. Better still, with thousands of people all over the world drinking and sharing our coffee, reaching your goals and getting your product for FREE are in reach!

Both Members and Preferred Customers can qualify to receive FREE product from Javita. Getting your product for FREE is easy. Just follow these three simple steps and Javita will send you your product for Free the following month!

  1. Be sure your order is on AutoShip
  2. Refer at least three Preferred Customers this month who purchase a qualifying kit (Note: Members Orders do not count toward 3 & FREE programs.)
  3. Be sure the total volume of your 3 (or more) Preferred Customers is at least 3 times the value of your AutoShip (maximum 100 PV or 4 boxes FREE).